Strategic web solution structure

Understanding your business is the key to effective solution design

At Sagebridge, every web solution we build is unique, because every company faces specific challenges. We start with a detailed analysis of your business, then create a logical, comprehensive and scalable strategy that is tailored for your company’s specific business needs and budget. Then, using tried-and-true web interface design principals based on solid internet user behavior research, we translate that strategy into a web solution structure that is easy for your clients to navigate, while leading them to the information, messages and actions that you don’t want them to miss.

Keys to an effective web solution structure:

  • Uniquely structured to satisfy the needs of your business
  • Simple, consistent and intuitive navigation
  • Information, tools and documents that are easy to find
  • All paths lead to specific calls to action
  • Not overwhelming or cluttered
  • Incorporates the appropriate marketing campaign landing pages

There are many “pieces of the puzzle” that need to come together to create an effective web solution. The solution architecture is the foundation.