Web sites vs. web solutions

What is the tangible difference?

Most companies have a web site that doesn’t take advantage of the immeasurable potential of the Internet – a static and lifeless ‘web brochure’ that merely sits on the internet, not being found. Most importantly, a typical web site costs you money to operate and doesn’t drive business or increase your profits. At Sagebridge, we believe that your web solution should be your most valuable business tool. We deliver value to our clients by turning websites into profitable web solutions.

A typical web site…

  • Is not a profitable business tool
  • Drives potential customers away
  • Does not present the appropriate company image
  • Is not based on a sound marketing strategy
  • Does not generate leads or drive business
  • Is not optimized to rank highly in Internet searches
  • Cannot be measured for effectiveness
  • Does not gather useful prospect and client information
  • Does not tie back in to your existing business systems
  • Is basically a copy of your company brochure in electronic format
  • Is static and lifeless
  • Does not change and grow with your business
  • Does not make money, it costs you money

A Sagebridge Web Solution

  • Is your most profitable business tool
  • Turns potential leads into loyal customers or clients
  • Is based upon a sound and well conceived marketing strategy
  • Matches and strengthens your company’s brand and image
  • Generates leads and drives business
  • Ranks at the top of internet searches
  • Produces measurable results
  • Gathers valuable prospect and client data
  • Is integrated with your current business systems and databases
  • Is central to your marketing efforts
  • Is dynamic, visually appealing and engaging
  • Changes and grows with your business
  • Provides a positive return on investment