Performance-based search engine optimization (SEO)

Put Simply – We Put Your Web Solution on Google PAGE ONE or You Don’t Pay!

We have learned over the years that companies do not want to pay for activity, but they will gladly pay for results. So, to respond to the needs of our clients, we offer performance-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO). What does this mean? It means we bill our clients based on the actual performance of the campaign, based on one key measure — a Google Page One ranking for the targeted keyword phrases.

We believe that in the SEO industry it is often easier for some search firms to present a litany of well orchestrated graphs, charts and reports showing all the activities, rather than deliver and be held accountable for what a client actually wants: RESULTS!

When a company starts a National SEO campaign with us, only a small setup fee is required and their are no monthly fees associated for the actual work completed each month to achieve the SEO rankings.  Instead, the SEO team assumes the risk of ranking the pages and a client is only billed when the pages for the targeted keyword phrases are ranked on Google Page One.

We are so confident in our abilities to achieve Google Page One rankings that we have structured our compensation to be based solely on such results.