Search engine marketing

It’s all about quality traffic, not just click-throughs

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a complex topic. There are many companies that promise top rankings in Google or Yahoo that still do not produce results. A successful SEM campaign is not about simply being found, nor is it about how many click-throughs your site gets. Success is about targeting quality customers with the right key word phrases that maximize the number of prospects converting to customers. It’s all about securing customers, which you will only hear from a results-focused firm like Sagebridge.

How we drive quality traffic

PPC: Pay per click is the starting point for your search engine marketing campaign, and a great way for you to ‘own’ your category. We work with you to find unique phrases and keywords that your potential customers are using to search for the products services that you provide. By conducting an in-depth analysis and carefully choosing, evaluating and adjusting the mix of keywords and phrases you are using, we can come up with a formula for driving high-quality leads  to your web solution. PPC enables you to test a variety of keywords and provides the flexibility to change according to market dynamics.

Display Ads provide the opportunity to creatively target your market using banner ads carefully placed on web sites that fit a specific category or we can select web sites within Google’s network. We can also target a specific geographic region and manage your daily ad spend so it fits into your monthly budget.

SEO: Search engine optimization is a complex and highly cost effective way to make sure your web solution comes up at the top of relevant search engine queries. We understand the complex formulas that search engines respond to and can help you craft your web solution in such a way to ensure your prospects find you.

Evaluation and adjustment is the ongoing process of tracking results of PPC programs and SEO optimizations to come up with the most cost-efficient and effective blend of keywords and techniques to secure the customers you desire. Because we constantly evaluate Internet traffic and user behavior, we will be able to help you find the perfect formula for attracting the right customers to your web solution and keeping them there.