Internet marketing strategy consulting

The art and science of an effective Internet marketing strategies.

The online world is not only expanding a company’s marketing possibilities, it is forcing a shift in its thinking.

The Internet is a disruptive technology and it is impacting nearly every business model to varying degrees. Companies that view this change as an opportunity are leveraging the full capabilities of the web to create a competitive advantage, and to do this, they must often reassess and realign their business strategies.

At Sagebridge we understand a company’s business strategy must be aligned with it’s sales, marketing, and technology strategies. In fact, an internet marketing strategy should be:

Shaped by the business strategy,

Supported by a solid technology strategy, and

Integrated with the sales strategy.

We combine our business, technology, sales and marketing knowledge to help advise our clients in maximizing the benefits the web offers.

We take time to first understand the needs of a company, the desires and needs of its target market and the business landscape the company needs to navigate to achieve success. We collaborate with with our clients to help define an approach that uses the most cost-effective combination of technology and process to achieve these goals. Our mission statement is a reflection of this approach.

Lastly, we help our clients define and establish the proper milestones and key performance indicators (KPIs) to enable periodic evaluation of any strategy  implementation. By measuring results on a regular basis, the necessary adjustments can be made to ensure the company grows and prospers even as the market changes.