Print marketing services

So why does a company that specializes in web solutions offer print marketing services?

The answer is simple: The most effective marketing campaigns involve a combination of Internet and traditional print marketing. At Sagebridge, when we collaborate with you to form a strategic marketing approach that merges the best aspects of all available forms of media to achieve the best possible effect.

Using Sagebridge to synchronize your print and electronic marketing efforts makes good business sense

When you hire different firms to handle various aspects of your marketing you usually end up spending more money, time, and in many cases you end up with an inconsistent brand and non-cohesive messages. Unlike many of our competitors who focus on web design only, our creative team has years of experience creating and executing award-winning and highly-effective print materials, brands, advertisements and marketing campaigns.

Why waste time getting different companies up to speed to learn what your business is all about, when we have already taken the time and care to understand your business needs?

Print services we provide:

Corporate identity
We can help forge a solid, lasting and memorable brand for you, which can include your logo, business cards, color palette, fonts, letterhead and stationery,

We can create beautiful printed brochures that will strengthen your brand, deliver your key marketing messages, and mesh seamlessly with your online presence.

Direct mail campaigns
Whether you need post cards, flyers, invitations, catalogs or business-reply pieces, we can design, implement and track highly effective direct response programs.

Trade show graphics
Need high-quality professional graphics for your trade show? We can translate your brand and marketing messages into large-format graphics that will really make your booth stand out from the crowd.

Product sell sheets
We can take your products and create high-quality sell sheets that match your brand, and make them available as electronic downloads as well as printed information sheets.

Product packaging
Need packaging? Our creatives can do it all. From software boxes, to DVDs and consumer product packaging, we can create innovative high-end designs that will make your products stand out on the shelf.

The importance of brand consistency

Have you ever encountered a business where every piece of literature it produces has a different look? Almost like each piece came a different company? An inconsistent brand and marketing approach confuses your target clients and gives the impression of chaos and lack of professionalism. On the other hand, a well-thought-out, consistent look and feel that extends through all electronic and print communications is one of the best ways to create a memorable and lasting brand, and ensure the success of your marketing efforts. At Sagebridge we can help you create a brand that is effective today and relevant for the future.