Integrated marketing services

A comprehensive approach to marketing is key to the success of your business

Integrated marketing simply makes good business sense. Though the online world represents many new opportunities for marketing your products and services, the most effective approach is a comprehensive strategy that combines both traditional and Internet marketing.

The web has become the key marketing channel, but not the only channel. Many companies specialize in one or the other: Either internet “digital” marketing or traditional “print” marketing. At Sagebridge we recognize that a combined approach yields superior results. We also believe the most effective marketing plans consider both of these techniques in formulating an initial marketing strategy – playing to each medium’s strengths. This is something that differentiates us from other design and marketing firms.

Components of an integrated marketing strategy:

  • Synchronization of direct mail, traditional print marketing, email advertising, search engine marketing and traditional advertising efforts
  • A system to measure results and gauge the effectiveness of offline and online marketing and advertising initiatives
  • A consistent look, feel, tone and message carried through every piece of literature, advertising and corporate communication your company produces
  • A strong, relevant and consistent brand that is highly representative of your company and resonates with your target audience

A perfect opportunity to pull your brand and marketing together

When you decide you need a new web solution, you are presented with a perfect opportunity to re-examine your current marketing and branding strategy. Is it consistent? Is it making the best use of both new technologies and traditional approaches? Are your print marketing efforts working hand-in-hand with your digital initiatives? Do you have fool-proof methods for measuring results?

At Sagebridge, we can help you synthesize a long-term, integrated strategy that leverages the strengths of Internet, Print and Creative disciplines to form one, well-crafted comprehensive marketing solution. This strategy starts evolving well in advance of the creation of your web solution, and continues long after it’s launched. And we will be there to help you manage, execute and evaluate your plan every step of the way.