Business & technology strategy consulting

Business and technology strategies go hand-in-hand in today’s marketplace. When defining a business strategy, a company must consider how the web can advance or disrupt its business model.

The Internet is a disruptive technology and it is impacting nearly every industry and every business model to varying degrees. Companies are being forced to make strategic planning and strategy reviews an ongoing process. No longer can a business strategy simply sit on the shelf, only to be dusted off when someone requests it.

At Sagebridge we understand a company’s business strategy is the foundation of the organization and the resulting business model is built upon this foundation. The purpose of the business model is to define organizational structure, its processes and system such that they align the core functions of the the business, such as sales, marketing, support, product development, etc.

A tool that is often used early in a strategic planning process or to do a strategic review is a S.W.O.T. Analysis. This is a helpful framework to examine the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats at any given point in time. It focuses on the issues that potentially have the greatest impact and is useful when time is limited to examine complex, strategic situations.

SWOT Analysis

If you are going to commit the time, effort and resources to take your organization through strategic planning process, here are a few things to consider:

  • PeopleThe strategic plan must go beyond the 30,000 ft level and define specific goals that are tied to an employee’s personal goals for the month, quarter and year, with the proper incentives.
  • Process – The most important aspect of strategic planning is the process, not the end result (the plan). You need to  involve all the stakeholders, giving them a voice so that they have “skin in the game”. Creating a strategic plan with a few high-level executives in a room will not produce the desired result.
  • System – To operationalize the strategic plan, consider leveraging an online tool that can capture and track the tasks necessary to accomplish the goals. By breaking down a strategic plan to the task level, you can now actively manage the execution of the strategy.

Technology is changing our world faster than many of us realize. This rate of this change is only going to increase with the passage of time and businesses must learn to adapt quickly. We at Sagebridge understand how technology is impacting nearly every aspect of your business and we will collaborate with you to help prepare for the future by putting in place and operationalize a solid strategy. For pricing on our business strategy consulting services, click here.