Search Engine Optimization


Envinity is a multi-faceted company located in State College, PA. They are leaders in the region in green home design, construction and energy efficiency, along with the installation of renewable energy. Sagebridge competed for and was selected over other local firms for the website design & development project because of itsĀ focus on lead generation. Small businesses require more than a pretty site — it is all about lead generation!

We designed the website around the existing Envinity logo, designed the banners at the top of the site to focus attention of the visitor, while carefully designing and placing the calls-to-action on the site. With this type of business, photos and testimonials are critical in engaging visitors, so these also had to be a key functions of the site.

Canadian Franchise Opportunities

Canadian Franchise Opportunities needed a blog-focused site to attract and educate wanna-be franchisees. This site has a focused conversion strategy with downloadable white papers and other useful tools.

Timberframes Web Solution & Video


The owner of Atlantic Timberframes, Inc. needed a web solution with a conversion strategy to turn traffic into leads for his business. The web solution was architected to meet both user experience requirements and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) objectives.