For those that use social media understand that it is an important part of every successful internet marketing strategy. Your company may already have a presence on the top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but what you might not have is a strategy and plan to increase the number of your followers. Well, here are some social media marketing tips to get you started.

Here are some simple, yet effective tips from Sagebridge Solutions, a company focused on internet marketing:

  1. Engage your employees. Ask them to become followers, initiate conversations and make it easy for them to respond. Creating and providing shareable content to your employees, enabling them to simply click and share. Without a solid strategy and the proper tool to distribute and track the content, this idea to increase the number of followers may seem far fetched. However, it serves a greater purpose when you consider that people don’t become followers of pages where very little is happening. So the more activity you can generate by involving employees, the more inclined others will be to join. Put simply, active pages attract more followers.
  2. Standardize employee email signatures to include links to your company’s pages. For example, a signature might include “Follow Us On Facebook” with this phrase linking to your Facebook page. This way, every email sent to a prospect, client or friend becomes an invitation to connect.
  3. Add “follow” buttons on your website. This will allow visitors to choose how they connect with you going forward. Some may want follow your company on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, just to name a few. The key is to make it easy for people to stay in touch with you. A recent study indicates that people are more likely to become followers if they are invited, so don’t be bashful – invite them.
  4. Optimize your social presence. Your social presence consists of the social media channels that you use and have profiles with. These profiles need to contain clear and concise descriptions of your business, which are optimized around keywords important to your business. This will help get you found in search engines.
  5. Share content that is valuable to your target market. This is one of the more important things you can do. You need to give your visitors a reason to want to share the content. Avoid writing content that is all about your company or products, but instead share educational content that has the potential to attract more prospects in your target market.

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