Increasing profitability

Calibrate marketing efforts, increase efficiency and decrease costs
to maximize your marketing dollar.

Today’s media landscape is highly fragmented with over 13,000 radio stations, 17,000 magazine titles and thousands of television channels. The decision of where your marketing dollars are best spent to attract your target customer range from these media outlets to yellow pages, direct mail, local and international newspapers, newsletters, trades show, seminars and the Internet. On the Internet, your choices further explode, including pay-per-click, search engine optimization, banner advertising, industry portals, online associations and the list goes on.

One of the most exciting aspects of Internet marketing is the ability to accurately measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and make quick and decisive adjustments. Gone are the days of placing expensive ads and enacting wasteful direct mail campaigns with no way of measuring their effectiveness.

At Sagebridge, we collaborate with you to devise highly effective marketing strategies and accurately track results. That way you can direct resources toward campaigns that are working and away from those that are not – maximizing the efficiency of your marketing dollars.