In today’s web centric world, more and more people are going online when they need to find something or learn something. Gone are the days of flipping through the “yellow book” to find an business ad. People don’t want ads, they want to learn about the business before they pick up the phone. One of the best ways for a business to help their prospective customer learn about them is through business blogging and other marketing techniques to connect with that potential customer or client.  However, there are still many companies who simply aren’t convinced that blogging for business is going to provide tangible benefits. You have to admit, we are living in a technologically advanced world with customers that are probably more tech savvy than many business owners. For those business owners willing to make the investment in a solid web solution with a business blog will discover that business blogging is one of the best ways for a company to connect and engage with their prospects.

Top 5 reasons for a business blog

Here are five top reasons why every business should have a business blogging strategy:

  • Display Your Company’s Personality: The more you can show your target market that your company has a brand identity (a personality) the better you will connect with them.  Your blogging articles don’t need to be written perfectly, but should be authentic and allow the personality to show through. Talk about stories relatable by anyone, like employees’ achievements or the way that the company went the extra mile.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Unless you want a web site that no one can find, your company should have an SEO strategy that will include business blogging. Google has communicated on many occasions that posting of quality content on your site (with targeted keywords that’s relevant to your consumers) can help you in the search engine results. The search engines like a site that is dynamic — one that is adding content that your target market likes and interacts with.
  • Provide Added Value: Consumers’ attention is being stretched thin and they no longer want to be sold.  One of the best ways to capture a prospective customer’s attention is to help them in some way, before you ask for the sale.  In today’s economy the competition is fierce and your company must deliver even greater value to your customers. With a blogging strategy, you can educate your consumers and help them in their decision making process, rather than try to sell them.
  • Opportunity for Customer Feedback: A business blog provides consumers a mechanism to provide feedback by commenting on your blog articles. The articles don’t have to be dry and boring either. Possibly you have a blog article on the latest charity event your company was involved in or lesson learned on a mountain climbing trip. Don’t be afraid to tell stories that engage and educate.
  • Overcome Sales Hurdles: A effective business blogging strategy can help you overcome sales hurdles — the reasons a consumer may say “no”. In general, the higher the cost, the more objections or concerns someone will have in buying the product or service. As a result, they typically need more information before committing to a purchase. With a business blog, you can help to provide that information while connecting with the prospect.

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