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Daren has been helping companies succeed on the web for 15 years. He combines his knowledge of business strategy, sales & marketing, and Internet marketing to create web solutions that exceed expectations. He has started several companies, has a Bachelors and Masters in Engineering, and an MBA from PennState University.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) – A Key Web Design Trend in 2014

According to IDC, a leading technology research company, more than half of Internet users now use a mobile device to access the Web — that adds up to approximately 1.4 billion users worldwide.  They forecast that by 2017, this number will rise to around two-thirds of the global population — about 2.3 billion.

So what do these statistics have to do with Responsive Web Design(RWD)?

Before answering this question, let me define the term Responsive Web Design – RWD is the approach of designing a site that responds to the device that is being used based on screen size, platform and orientation. So, instead of trying to have a design that fits every type and size of device — a smart phone, an iPod, an iPad, a Blackberry, a Kindle, a netbook, or a Microsoft tablet, or a 50” screen TV, it is best to have one design the responds (or adapts) […]

5 Ways to Leverage Social Media Marketing to Attract Prospects

For those that use social media understand that it is an important part of every successful internet marketing strategy. Your company may already have a presence on the top social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but what you might not have is a strategy and plan to increase the number of your followers. Well, here are some social media marketing tips to get you started.

Here are some simple, yet effective tips from Sagebridge Solutions, a company focused on internet marketing:

  1. Engage your employees. Ask them to become followers, initiate conversations and make it easy for them to respond. Creating and providing shareable content to your employees, enabling them to simply click and share. Without a solid strategy and the proper tool to distribute and track the content, this idea to increase the number of followers may seem far fetched. However, it serves a greater purpose when […]

Why Business Blogging Makes Sense

In today’s web centric world, more and more people are going online when they need to find something or learn something. Gone are the days of flipping through the “yellow book” to find an business ad. People don’t want ads, they want to learn about the business before they pick up the phone. One of the best ways for a business to help their prospective customer learn about them is through business blogging and other marketing techniques to connect with that potential customer or client.  However, there are still many companies who simply aren’t convinced that blogging for business is going to provide tangible benefits. You have to admit, we are living in a technologically advanced world with customers that are probably more tech savvy than many business owners. For those business owners willing to make the investment in a solid web solution with a business blog will discover that […]