According to IDC, a leading technology research company, more than half of Internet users now use a mobile device to access the Web — that adds up to approximately 1.4 billion users worldwide.  They forecast that by 2017, this number will rise to around two-thirds of the global population — about 2.3 billion.

So what do these statistics have to do with Responsive Web Design(RWD)?

Before answering this question, let me define the term Responsive Web Design – RWD is the approach of designing a site that responds to the device that is being used based on screen size, platform and orientation. So, instead of trying to have a design that fits every type and size of device — a smart phone, an iPod, an iPad, a Blackberry, a Kindle, a netbook, or a Microsoft tablet, or a 50” screen TV, it is best to have one design the responds (or adapts) […]